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Nerf Night

Nerf Wars - Crazy GuyOn November 21st from 7:00-9:00 pm, we are hosting our first Nerf event of the new school year. If you have your own Nerf equipment … bring it along.  If you don’t own your own, don’t worry … we have a large selection of items that are randomly assigned to players.  Bring your friends and come for a great night of capture the flag, zone control, and base defense.

And don’t forget … Nerf Wars is coming in March!

Acting Out Justice

Restorative JusticeOn November 2nd, following morning worship, Senior High Teens and College & Career Young Adults are invited to meet on the Youth Floor for lunch (pizza & drinks) followed by a 45-60 min workshop on Restorative Justice by Theatre of the Beat. In this FREE, unique, participatory workshop our group will be transported back in time, to 1974, in the recently vandalized community of Elmira, ON. Two men have been apprehended and YOU must decide their fate!

• Play drama activities from Augusto Boal’s “Games for actors and non-actors”

• Compare the “three questions” asked by Restorative and Punitive justice

• Learn the historic roots of Sentencing Circles, based on First Nation’s philosophies

• Recreate real life characters from small town Elmira using a “Character Walk”

• Experience how Sentencing Circles work first hand, participating in a dramatic reenactment

How can you attend?: Sign-up at the Connection Centre Desk or contact the church at (506)458-8348

Third Sunday Supper (Senior High)

Third Sunday Supper - Serve Cup of Cold Water

As part of our Loving Out Loud serving projects are youth will be preparing and serving a Turkey Dinner to our downtown guests.  Here is the info that you will need to know:

Date: Sunday, October 19th

Time: If you are willing to help, team members will be working through the afternoon. All youth should be on site and ready to serve no later than 4:00pm.  We should be done by around 7:00pm.

Dress: We will be cooking and serving in the kitchen.  You will want to dress accordingly and bring an apron to protect from stains.

Why:  The Bible calls us to “Love God and Love Others”.  Serving others is just one way to show God’s love to others.

Board Games Cafe


On Friday, October 17th, we are hosting a combined “Board Games Cafe” evening.  We will be serving a mixture of free cold drinks and snacks.  Bring along your favourite board game or card game.

Frequently Asked Question:  Is this just a board games event?
Answer:  Nope.  We will also have the pool table, air hockey, ping pong, video games, etc. set up as options.  There will be lots of choices.

Make Your Own Pizza (Middle School)

Pizza Night EventAt the beginning of  Middle School Youth Group this Friday, October 10th, we are making our own pizzas!  You know what you like on your pizza so we are asking all Middle School teens to bring their favourite toppings.  If you like extra cheese, bring some shredded cheese.  If you are a meat lover, you may want to bring some freshly cooked ground beef and chopped pepperoni.   And, of course, there will be games while the pizzas cook.  Come along, bring a friend, and a bit of hunger too.

Sugar Overload (Senior High)

Four Cupcakes ClipartOn Friday, October 10th, our Senior High Youth Group is changing things up and spending the night baking sweets.  Why, you say? Because sweets are yummy and because some of the sweets that we are making will be used for the Third Sunday Supper that we are hosting on the 19th of the month.  Come along and bring your sweet tooth with you.

Homes for Gnomes

Homes for Gnomes Announcement

On Friday, September 19th, Middle School & Senior High Students are invited to meet at the church for our big kickoff event for the new school year.  There is no cost for this event.  Make sure you dress appropriate to the weather outside as we will be traveling around the city and be outdoors for much of this event.